un petit update iv

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

Hello friends—

Firstly, thanks so much for reading and sharing the last letter! I didn’t know what to expect after such a long layoff, but wowee. Very grateful that you all seemed to have missed this silly experiment of mine as much as I missed writing it.

This morning, I had a review go up at Vulture about a new novel called Magma by Thora Hjorleifsdottir. It’s a novel about many things, but primarily about the way that an obsessive, abusive relationship can also feel mundane even as it’s eroding your sense of self-knowledge and self-worth. It was a difficult novel to read, but also so pleasurable in its style and humor. I hope you’ll read the review and also the novel.

Also, in June, I had a new short story (not in Filthy Animals) publish at The Cut. It’s called “The Low Countries.”

I have another review coming out next month, and I will share more about that when I can.

This weekend, I’m off to Martha’s Vineyard for a book conference thingy. It’ll be a lot of fun. Stay tuned for events I’m doing in September and the fall. Some cool stuff coming up.

I’ll be back next week with a letter about…something.