hello, again

Hello friends—

I’m starting this weekly newsletter because I notice that I complain less when I think more, and when I talk to friends, I feel better. I would like us all to feel a little better and think a little more.

The free posts will be small, personal essays about whatever’s on my mind. There will be paid posts more akin to criticism—books, essays, movies, shows, etc. I also plan to migrate many of my spicy takes to this letter’s paid posts. I’ll try to dig down into why it is that I’m suspicious of first-person fiction, flashbacks, asterisks, and more! Kind of like mini craft essays, but chaotic.

I think of this letter as a space to think and laugh and learn. I’m hoping you’ll join me. And maybe we’ll find a quiet place to talk in all the noise out there.

The first posts go out next week. Look for it.

Hope to see you soon,


In the mean time, tell your friends!